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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us, via-email at

What is the process I follow to purchase a puppy from THAT'S MY PUPPY IN THE WINDOW: HOME OF CAMMIE'S PUPPIES?
  1. Send us an email requesting a "puppy placement applicaton".  Fill out the application and send it back be-mail We will review your application and get back to you within 24 hours with an answer.  Upon approval of the review and references, we will call you and/or e-mail you and collect a $500 deposit.  Our deposit is always $500 unless other arrangements are made.  Please know that if you change your mind about your puppy, a non-refundable fee will apply. (**non-refundable fee subject to change**).  The next step in this process will be sending the contract in html (web page) format. Since it is a web page, you can open and print it using your web browser (Internet Explorer). 
  2. We will keep you up to date with current pictures of the puppy you're interested in, and keep you informed as to your puppy's progress while puppy transitions from lactating to "real food" and water.  When the puppy nears 8 weeks of age, and is old enough to go to its new home, we will contact you and make the necessary arrangements for the delivery of your puppy.
  3. You will receive specific instructions on the care of your puppy, along with a small bag of food, blanket, toys, and etc.  The new owner is repsonsible for maintaining the puppy's well being, which includes puppy's yearly exams, vaccination schedule, provide parasite (fleas, ticks, worms, heart worm, etc.) and preventive care.  Also, provide the puppy with a high quality dog food, and a loving, comfortable living environment.
  1. If you wish for us to hold a puppy that you have viewed in our puppy show case, until it is old enough to wean, a $500 deposit is required. 
  1. We accept personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, PayPal, or cash. 
  2. If you wish to use a credit or debit card, please use our PayPal account:  Go to, choose the "send money" tab, and send it to  Otherwise, feel free to click on your puppy and follow the instructions for deposit and/or full payment.   
  3. If you have paid with a personal check, the check must clear your bank before it will be considered 'paid'. 
  4. The full price of the puppy must be paid before the puppy can leave our home.
Health Guarantee
  1. Our puppies are current on their vaccinations and de-worming schedule. 
  2. We give you a 72 hour window of opportunity to have your puppy checked by a vet upon the purchase.   
  3. Our adult dogs are free of genetic disease.  We guarantee our puppies to be free of genetic disease for up to two years depending on price.
AKC Registration
  1. Our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  2. Beware of other registration organizations. There are many other registration organizations, some of which are not reputable.
  3. The American Kennel Club is the most prestigious and recognized registration organization in America.

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  1. The new owner is responsible for transportation of the puppy after purchase.
  2. You may pick your puppy up in person, or we can make arrangements for our exclusive "puppy limo" service to deliver your puppy for an additional fee. 
  3. For safety reasons and the best interest of your puppy, we ask that our puppies are transported from our home to their new home in DOT approved crates.  Otherwise we will NOT be able to release the puppy.  We have crates available for purchase and range in prices from $27 to $48 for full grown (small breed).  
  4. We are more than happy to meet you at the airport if you would like to fly into either the Sky Harbor or Mesa Gateway Airports (fee applies). You may then take the puppy back in the airplane cabin as your 'carry-on'. If you choose to use this option, please be aware that you must coordinate your flight with a time when it is possible for me to meet you.
  5. In most cases, we can ship your puppy as a courtesy to our new families for a standard fee of $300.  For booking international flights, standard rates apply.  Rates and prices can be discussed at time of booking.  We will gladly make arrangements to ship the puppy via-airline. 
  6. Please understand that we make travel arrangements as a courtesy. It is not our obligation.
  1. Questions and concerns come up from time to time from our new families regarding the safety of their puppy flying on a plane.   Their concerns are that it might be too stressful on the puppy as they have heard many stories regarding the treatment of puppies by the airlines attendants etc.  First of all, it's a very normal emotion and concern a new parent has for the well being of their puppy.  However, we have never had a bad experience to cause us any concern as we have placed many puppies all over the world.  The airlines have to follow strict rules and regulations mandated by the FAA.  Federal regulations are in force to ensure the health, safety and comfort of the puppy.  The airlines staff practice every measure of safety and comfort that needs to be considered when it comes to shipping "live" cargo, so please do not worry about your puppy.  Usually, and almost always, once the puppy lands and is taken out of the crate they are well rested and ready to play.  
  2. The cost of shipping the puppy is $300 anywhere within the Continental United States. This includes the airfare, required vet check, certificate of health, travel crate and trip to airport. 
  3. We will not ship a puppy unless we know the puppy can be shipped in comfort.  When the weather is extreme, shipping puppies via airplane can become a bit of a problem.  FAA Federal regulations are followed to protect the safety of animals traveling and impose strict guidelines that airlines will not ship a puppy if the temperature is below 20 or above 85  anywhere the puppy is to land, including any possible connecting flights.  At times, we have had to wait for weather to be favorable and re-book the puppy once weather embargo is not an issue.
  4. We ship your puppy Continental, AA cargo, and Delta as of now. These airlines provide us with an 'Airway Bill Number' which can be used to track the puppy's flight.  We email you and/or call you with the information, Airway bill number, times, etc., and confirm by a call from the airport that your puppy boarded the plane. 
  5. The puppy will be in an approved DOT travel crate. (This crate can also be used as the puppy's home/training crate.)  You will find a small bag of food taped on top with your puppies shot record and other information, such as the signed contract.  Inside the crate you will find shredded newspaper, and a small blanket and toy.  Your puppy had a nice bubble bath here in our home, but may look a little gray from the ink in the newspaper.  Newspaper is not always the best for keeping a white Westie, Chinese Crested, or light Yorkie coat looking prestine, but it makes a wonderful bedding and keeps your puppy dry.  You will also find a small double receptacle that snaps on the grate portion of the door for when your puppy is hungry or thirsty. 

Suggestions to bring upon receiving your puppy at the airport:     

  1. Wipes (if soiled)
  2. Harness is preferred, collar will suffice
  3. Leash
  4. Fresh water 
  5. Medium towel (especially if it's cold)

Welcome your puppy with lots of hugs and kisses as he or she will do anything to win and gain your love!

How Do I Take Care of My Puppy?
  1. Follow the instructions and recommendations of the breeder and please remember to feed your young puppy food as instructed every 4 hours.  Plus forti-cal (high fructose nutritional substance) in between feedings and plenty of fresh water.  Do not forget to LOVE him/her and show it by hugging them, rewarding them and having a lot of patience.  I always tell my clients to write any concerns/ questions they may have, so that I can explain and have answers that make sense before we meet and anytime thereafter.  
What Dog Food Should I Feed the Puppy?
  1. All of our puppies and our adults have only been on CANIDAE holistic food, until recently, after much research, we feed them LIFESABUNDANCE, and it's amazing food as we have learned.  Please visit our FOOD-LIFESABUNDANCE page and you will see why we made the change.  Please feel free to browse and learn the difference, so you too can start to feed your loved puppy/dog/kitten/cat LIFESABUNDANCE food.  The puppy should stay on this food for the rest of their lives making changes according to their nutritional needs, and age appropriate.  Quality is everything to the longevity and well-being of your puppy/dog.  If you are to make any changes to the food your pet is on please consider changing your puppy's food gradually by mixing the food we sent with your puppy and the new food.  This is to help your new baby adjust to the new food.
What About House-Breaking?
  1. By reading and gathering information, you will realize that CRATE TRAINING IS THE WAY TO GO. It is the most humane, effective, and least stressful (for pup and owner) method. The Humane Society does an excellent job of detailing safe crate training techniques on their website. Do yourself and your puppy a favor, and give it a try!
  2. PLEASE a word of caution.  Even though your puppy has had his first round of booster shots.  Please refrain from taking the puppy into pet stores and doggie parks or exposing your young puppy to other dogs, etc. That is not in his best interest at such a young age.  It is very important that you treat your new puppy like what he is, a baby, that is suseptible to anything that can compromise his very young immune system.  Remember, your new puppy has not built up antibodies to fight diseases quite yet.  Keep him indoors and in your back yard until your puppy has had all necessary booster shots and the vet gives the okay to visit public places. 

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