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Home of Cammie's Puppies


 Cammie's  Puppies raising Westies and Yorkies is tucked away in the foothills of the majestic Superstition Mountains, in sunny Arizona.  It's a beautifully peaceful and very dog-friendly place. We are deliberately a small breeder because we firmly believe that in order to raise healthy, well socialized "Westies and Yorkies".  It is imperative to have the time to love each one of them. We are here to help you in the knowledgeable selection of your very own Westie, Yorkie.  We believe that providing the proper information about a Westie or Yorkie puppy you are selecting, is crucial, and is the basis for a more enjoyable life with your new addition to your family.  If you are not yet familiar with the Westie or the Yorkie and have any questions, please continue to read our "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers", or if you prefer, you can contact us directly and we will be glad to help you. 

                          " Reasons to consider a Westie or Yorkie"

 **Westies and Yorkies excellent apartment dogs

 **Westies are robust and hardy dogs.  A big dog in a small package

 **Westies  are great hikers and swimmers

 **Westies also known as Terriers have great energy and wonderful for kids

 **Westies known as West Highland Terriers make wonderful therapy dogs.

 **Westies travel nicely in plane, car, overseas

 **Westies  love people, therefore are very sure of themselves allowing them to socialize without "fear" with humans and other animals


  **Yorkies are excellent apartment dogs

  ** Yorkies are sweet and very loving

  ** Yorkies can be from 3-7# making them perfect for carrying in arms or purse.  Yorkies travel with no problem in flights under your chair

  ** Yorkies make wonderful pets all across the board single parent, family, older couple. 

  ** Yorkies are inquisitive and curious rendering great companions for children


Cammie's Puppies Lifestyle

Cammie's Puppies in Arizona, are home raised in our cozy and roomy home, and have approximately 2 acres to romp and explore. We have two annexes off of our home which consist of a functional, professional kennel with individual doggie doors and pens. The Puppy annex or our "nursery" is equipped solely for our puppies and mothers. Both places are climate controlled to cool in the summer and heat in the winter.

We have structured and organized schedules in our home. Our West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and Chinese Crested puppies are raised inside our home from birth to 8 weeks of age. By this time, the puppies will have been vaccinated with the necessary shots and transferred into the nursery where they will remain until they are placed in their new homes.


Cammie's puppies will get to enjoy fun in the sunny and shaded areas, as well as pools when weather permits. Although, purposely structured to be a small kennel and breeder, we find that this works out wonderfully, since we are able to devote the proper time to each and every one of them. 


At Cammie's Puppies Proper Adoption is Our Goal
Our goal is to accomplish a well socialized and excellent tempered Westie, Yorkie, or Chinese Crested puppy, that will grow up to be a much loved and well mannered adult as part of the family.  We respect and hold highly what's in our beloved puppy friends' best interest. For this reason, we believe in tending to them individually and fairly, yet respect that our puppies are a pack family, which also need to learn from each other. We give them lots of love and attention, and expect their new parents to do the same.

Cammie's Puppies Criteria for Placement

We have specific goals with each puppy placement, as we are very selective as to where and with whom our puppies are placed. Cammie's Puppies are very special creatures of the purest of intentions that love unconditionally and deserve no less than the best.  We have a puppy placement application that can be obtained by email at We only place our puppies in their new home, your home, once the puppy application has been received, processed, and accepted. 

Puppy placement occurs after the puppy has had all the necessary vaccines and is 100% weened, meaning they are independent of mom for food and water.  This usually occurs between 8 to 10 weeks of age.  If purchasing puppy at this time, payment in full is required.  If purchasing puppy prior to this age, then a deposit is collected and the puppy will be help until they are of age, at which time payment of remaining balance is required.


Cammie's Puppies Payment Method

We accept PayPal as payment method, as well as cash. 






As a recap the following is a compilation of what our business offers AKC West Highland Puppies for sale, Our West Highland Terriers of European bloodlines located  in the outskirt of Apache Junction Gold Canyon area in Sunny Arizona.  Where we breed fine quality Westie pups, Yorkie pups, and Chinese Crested.  We are proud members of the widely recognized AKC, AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB and MEOE-FCI EB/EUROPEAN CLUB.  We also, offer "pet sitting" for holidays and or business trips on case to case basis.  Our  POOCH BOUTIQUE coming soon, offers a wide array of pet clothing , custom made jewelry and other unique products for your pooch.